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Offline Screen [White] Offline Screen [Blue] Offline Screen [Navy]

Banner [White] Banner [Blue] Banner [Navy]

Emote [TS Icon - Solid Blue] Emote [TS Icon - Blue Border]

Under-Stream [Bazaar - Link to] Under-Stream [Dr. Squatch] Under-Stream [G FUEL]

CLR Sponsor Reels

To set up the sponsor reels, add a "Browser Source" as a source (OBS), CLR Browser (OBS Classic), or WebPage URL (XSplit) and enter the URL of the sponsor reel. The width/height don't necessarily matter as you can crop it to size. Do not check "local file". Once this is set up, any new sponsors added to the reels will automatically update for your stream overlay without further work on your end.

Sponsor Reel


Banner [White] Banner [Monochrome] Banner [Blue] Banner [Navy]

Custom Banners

Above are the standard banners. If you would like something special, please contact me (see bottom of page). Preview other Tempo players' for style ideas. The ideal for brand consistency is either Sloppy (light color) or MTGNerdGirl (dark color).

Banner [Sloppy] Banner [MTGNerdGirl] Banner [IslandGrown] Banner [Brawlstars - Alec] Banner [Brawlstars - Bobby] Banner [Brawlstars - OG] Banner [Devin] Banner [Gallowboob] Banner [PUBG - Chica] Banner [PUBG - HH] Banner [PUBG - Monica] Banner [PUBG - Rain] Banner [PUBG - Spec] Banner [PUBG - Tensa]


Banner [White] Banner [Blue] Banner [Navy]


Banner [White] Banner [Navy] Banner [Blue]

Banner [IslandGrown] Banner [MTGNerdGirl]

Need something custom? Ping me on slack or email